Pain Management Clinics

We offer a comprehensive diagnostic service tailored to Pain Management Clinics that ensures the highest standard of care for patients requiring pain-related treatments.

Our services include Opioid Medication Management, Pharmacogenomics (PGx)/Cancer Genomics (CGx) Dose Management, and Drug Interaction Monitoring, all designed to enhance patient safety and care quality.

Here’s what our services entail:

Opioid Medication Management

Opioid medications, while vital for pain management, come with considerable risks if not properly managed. Our laboratory provides detailed analysis of medication levels to assist in safer prescribing, monitoring adherence to treatment plans, and detecting any possible misuse.

PGx/CGx Dose Management

Understanding the unique genetic makeup of your patients allows for tailored medication regimens that maximize relief and minimize side effects. Our PGx/CGx testing informs clinicians about how a patient's genetic profile can affect their response to drugs, enabling personalized treatment plans.

Drug Interaction Monitoring

Concurrent medications can interact in ways that increase the risk of adverse effects. Our diagnostic service examines potential drug-drug interactions, ensuring that any medication regimen prescribed is optimized for safety and efficacy.

Our diagnostic laboratory services offer a blend of safety, accountability, and precision, catering to the essential needs of Pain Management Clinics:

Preventing Overdoses

By maintaining precise control over opioid levels and understanding individual patient responses, we aim to drastically reduce the risk of accidental overdoses.


Our services facilitate meticulous documentation and tracking of medication prescriptions and use, supporting clinicians in maintaining oversight of treatment plans.

Proper Dosing for Practices

Leveraging PGx/CGx insights means we can help establish proper dosing strategies that are customized to the individual patient's needs, enhancing treatment outcomes.

Preventing Practices from Liabilities

Our thorough testing and documentation services aim to protect your practice by ensuring all treatment decisions are informed and evidence-based, reducing the risk of legal repercussions.

Preventing Patients from Malpractice Claims

By providing detailed and accurate diagnostic data, we contribute to a high standard of care, further shielding patients from the impacts of medical errors and supporting clinicians in avoiding malpractice claims.

Our team of professionals is ready to collaborate with your Pain Management Clinic to ensure your patients receive optimal, safe, and personalized care.

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