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Lab Direct Workforce COVID-19 Testing

Protect your workforce with Covid-19 testing. With over 1 million tests processed for education, business, government and families, our testing and reporting platform is ready to keep your operation running with minimal impact from Covid-19.

- On-Site sample collection available - Free
- Easy and secure email and online reporting
- PCR and Rapid Antigen tests available
- HIPAA Compliant
- Vaccine Tracking Available

Our simple three step process:

Setup Sample Collections

On-site or at home, we collect samples and make is easy and
simple for your staff.

Get Results

Our lab is located in Dallas, Texas so we deliver timely turnaround for testing results.

Keep Track

Track vaccination status simply to be in compliance with OSHA guildlines.

Trusted by Over

Any Insurance, Even No Insurance
To help fight the pandemic while respecting your privacy - absolutely no-co pay.
Remote and On-Site Care
Dropping off your sample with a certified technician is Quick, Safe and Painless.

Our Available
Covid-19 Tests:


FDA authorized PCR nasopharyngeal swab test is a highly accurate test that detects a current COVID-19 infection.

Saliva Test

FDA authorized Saliva-based coronavirus test developed at Yale University.

Antibody Test

This finger prick 15 min antibody test determines previous or 3-5 days exposure COVID-19 infection.

Swab Test

Our swab antigen test determines COVID-19 infection in 15 mins or less with a follow up PCR test.

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